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Step by Step Guide for
NEW MC Member

- Please Complete the Steps -


  1. Sign-up with your email address on 

  2. AFTER sign-up, send your email address  & photo to our FB messenger here  

Note: Photo should not be in sando, T-shirt or spaghetti straps (for women). Something formal will be appreciated. Polo or polo shirt is fine (for men).

 **Your ID may be posted in our Facebook Group or Page.


We will send you a message after receiving your email and activating your account on our website.

**ACTIVATED ACCOUNT means you are able to access the FULL COURSE page. We CANNOT activate your account unless  you sign-up first.

**Activated Account have unlimited access to FULL COURSE page for 6 months ONLY. All other Millionaires' Club perks is "LIFE-TIME".


How to Navigate and Use our Website

You can also download mobile application. 

**Our website looks  equally good in any phone web browser.


Download and use Progress Checklist for efficient scheduling of lessons.

Download and use

$30 to $3,000 challenge for practice and model for trading plan


Use this link to open a live account with N1CM

Use this link to download MT4 for MAC OS (pc)

Click HERE MT4 macOS

Use this link to download MT4 for windows (pc)

Click HERE MT4 windows

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